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3 for 1 glasses Hamilton

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With over 20 years of experience we’ve come to realize that there’s a need for more than just one pair of glasses. That’s why you get three pairs of glasses for the price of one! That’s right! you pay for one frame, one set of lenses, and the other two frames and the other two sets of lenses are free of charge.

This allows you to have your regular glasses, sunglasses, contacts, progressives, bifocals, reading glasses, computer glasses, sports frames, safety frames, swimming goggles, golf glasses, diving mask, you name it.

With a large selection of frame choices including designer frames our stylist will help you pick the ones that not only suits your prescrition. You have a year to make all three choices.

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3 glasses for your child compressor

Kids often have a very busy and active lifestyle which can make it easy to damage their first pair of glasses.


If you are wearing glasses or goggles in any kind of high contact sport, poly carbonate lenses are the way to go …


We carry glasses for individual needs, safety frames which include industrial lenses, computer glasses …

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