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Did you know that 83% of the people in the world learn by seeing, 11% learn by hearing, while 6% learn through touch or movement*? That means from a very early age, your children pick up visual cues that help them learn how to walk, talk, study, play and perform hundreds of other activities.

At 3 For 1 Glasses, we urge parents to bring their toddlers for an eye checkup at 6 months, 3 years, at the start of school, and every one or two years thereafter.

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In fact, in Ontario, your OHIP coverage includes an annual comprehensive eye exam, plus any follow-up assessments for children up to the age of 19. If an annual checkup reveals that your kid needs glasses, don’t shy away from choosing more than one pair.

We offer three pairs of glasses for the price of one, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, or other sports specific eyewear. With an extensive collection of children’s frames, and the option to go for impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, we have your child’s eye care needs fully covered.

Three Glasses are Always Better than One!

When you shop for kids glasses at 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, you pay for just one frame and one set of lenses, and get the other two pairs free of charge. You may wonder why the tiny tots need more than a pair at a time. There’s more than one reason for that!

Most children have a hectic routine that swings between attending school, doing homework, playing a sport, and learning other extra-curricular activities. Naturally, your routine mirrors that of your little ones, while also keeping up with your own personal and professional commitments. Why not add some comfort and convenience to such a busy lifestyle?

  • Back-up Pair: Avoid chaos and confusion in case your child loses, breaks, or misplaces a pair, or leaves it behind at school, class or home. It is best to keep this backup pair of glasses handy at all times.
  • Activity-Specific Pair: If your little one plays a sport that needs specific visual capabilities, get a pair of custom-made glasses for that particular sport. You may also want to consider getting a prescription pair of swim goggles, so that they enjoy clear, confident vision, even in the water.
  • A Pair for Variety and Comfort: Children often develop a complex about wearing glasses, especially at an early age. Either they are uncomfortable with the idea of using a visual aid, or an innocent comment or deliberate ridicule by friends or classmates interferes with their mood and morale. Buy an extra pair in a different shape and colour to build enthusiasm and help your kid form the habit of wearing glasses as prescribed.

Let Your Child Enjoy the Perfect Vision with 3 for 1 Glasses in Hamilton

At 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, we customize prescription and non-prescription glasses for children of all ages. In addition to varying sizes, practical materials, and trendy shapes and colours, we stock frames with child-friendly features such as, adjustable nose pads and wraparound temples. Once you have selected the frames, we cut the lenses in our in-house laboratory and deliver your child’s new glasses in as little as an hour’s time.

What’s more, when you book your child’s annual eye checkup with us, our team of friendly, on-site opticians and optometrists will give you a complete assessment of their basic visual acuity, as well as skills needed for visual learning and mobility:

  • Binocular vision
  • Colour vision
  • Peripheral vision
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Focusing
  • Tracking

For trustworthy children’s eye care and eyewear in Hamilton, call 3 For 1 Glasses at 905-383-1467, or visit us at 1550 Upper James St. Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6. We are open seven days a week!

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