3 Glasses For Your Individual Needs

Pay for 1 Pair, Use 3 Eyeglasses for Different Occasions

A Spectacular Choice of Frames and Lenses in Hamilton!

Whether it is footwear, clothes, or watches, you tend to build your wardrobe with different pairs for different occasions. From work wear and casual wear, to party wear and sportswear, what you don depends on the occasion, season, functionality and your personal preference. Similarly, don’t you think your eyewear deserves to be distinguished by the purpose it serves?

At 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, we have over 20 years of experience in the eye care and eyewear industry and we strongly believe that one pair of glasses is never enough.

When you shop with us for eye wear, we make sure that you get 3 pairs for the price of 1! In addition to regular glasses, progressives, bifocals and contacts, we stock a range of frames and lenses that offer function and fashion.

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3for1 reading glasses Hamilton

Reading glasses, driving glasses, computer glasses, safety glasses, swim goggles or sports frames, no matter what your purpose, we customize both, prescription as well as non-prescription glasses for you.

Why Not Use More than One Pair of Eyewear?

Sometimes you are compelled to own more than 1 pair of glasses due to varying distance vision and near vision. However, at all other times, it is your choice. There are several reasons why you may want to consider owning more than one pair:

  • Convenience: An extra pair will always come in handy if you break, lose or misplace your original pair.
  • UV Protection: Prescription sunglasses will give you adequate UV protection, especially if your current glasses do not have photochromic lenses.
  • Sports Frames: Whether you play a contact sport or an individual one, sports frames will give you the necessary scratch, shatter and UV resistance that your ordinary glasses wont. Besides, you can customize your frame and lenses to the required vision capabilities of your specific sport.
  • Occupational Hazards: Whether you spend hours in front of a laptop or computer, or you are out and about in a factory or an open site, get a pair of glasses that helps you fight your occupational hazards. Choose computer glasses to safeguard your eyes from the harmful blue light rays of device screens, or safety glasses that protect your vision while working in a range of harsh or risky conditions.
  • Fashion: Wouldn’t it be trendy to match your eyeglasses to your outfit? Think of it as another accessory that allows you to modify your look and personality to match your mood and occasion. Select frames in different shapes or colours and make a fashion statement each time you step out.

Personalize Your Package of 3 Glasses; Pay for 1 and Get 2 Free

At 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, we give you the choice to personalize your package. Select up to 3 pairs of glasses, but pay for only 1 pair of frames and lenses. Our enthusiastic team of stylists is always around to help you make the right choice in materials, shapes, colours and sizes that best suit your needs.

With such an extensive selection of lenses and frames, including designer frames, we understand that you may not be able to decide instantly. So, we give you an entire year to make your 3 choices! Buy today and pay for one pair of glasses, and select two more at any time within 12 months of purchasing your first pair.

We are open seven days a week! Book an eye examination with us and get an updated prescription from our team of on-site optometrists and opticians.

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What’s more, since we cut our lenses in our in-house laboratory, you can get your new pair of glasses within an hour of placing your order.

Take advantage of our 3 for 1 glasses in Hamilton today. To schedule an eye examination, call us at 905-383-1467, or visit us at 1550 Upper James St. Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6.

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