3 Questions to ask your optometrist at your next eye exam

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Blog

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Are you getting an eye exam but don’t know which questions to ask an optometrist? Do you have questions about the eye? When you visit 3 for 1 Glasses Hamilton, our professional optometrists will answer all eye questions. We make it easy by suggesting three questions you can ask the optometrist at your next eye exam.

– Which Tests Will Be Performed?

All optometrists have standard eye tests they must perform, and sometimes the test for contact lenses is different from those for eyeglasses. These tests are generally non-invasive and although the eye doctor equipment can look complicated, an explanation of their purpose will put you at ease. Also, ask why a test is performed.

Tell the eye test doctor about problems you experience with your eyes, even when you don’t think it is important. It will help the optometrist decide if any further tests are required. If you are concerned about the examination affecting your eyes, arrange for someone to drive you home after the appointment.

– What Do My Results Mean?

Being informed about your health is empowering. Standard test results are generally immediately available, so ask the optometrist what your results mean. It will show whether your eyes are in a good condition, you need eyeglasses, or further tests are required. Vision is critical to learning, so understanding the test results of children is essential.

– Are Follow-Up Visits Necessary?

Regular follow-up visits are necessary as they can help detect issues that might affect the eye in the future. Going to the eye doctor is not stressful, and early detection is helpful to diagnose eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. Regular visits to the optometrist are even more vital as you grow older.

Your eye health is important to us at 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, and with us, one pair of eyeglasses just won’t do! Do you live in Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Bin Brook, or Mt. Hope? We also serve your community with eye exams and tests. We trust asking these questions to an optometrist helps. Contact us today.

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