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3 Pairs of Glasses for the Price of 1

We believe there is a need for more than one pair of glasses.  Whether it is reading, computer, safety, sunglasses, sport glasses or contacts. You only pay for one frame and one set of lenses and the other two are no charge! Visit our store today! We are  family owned and operated and believe in the value of good service to our customers we aren’t here just to make a sale today we want you as a lifetime customer.

Meet our Registered Optician!

Hi I’m Michael Friday. I am a registered optician. I have been in this business for 11 years. I love my job and how I get to make so many people happier by seeing better. Being an optician means being able to determine what someone’s visual needs are and offering the best way to correct for that.
My team here at 3 for 1 Glasses has all of the knowledge to help our patients choose the appropriate frame for their visual needs, and can accurately address all problems. They have all had extensive training by me.
I feel if you wear eyeglasses or contacts there is a need for more than one pair. That is why the 3 for 1 concept is so popular. Most of my patients require a clear pair of glasses along with a pair of prescription sunglasses and they usually want a spare pair of clear glasses “just in case”. This is why my business fits the needs of most people.

Consumer choice award 2016 Hamilton

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