Back to School Eye Exams

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Making sure your child is successful in school is on the minds of most parents this time of year. As a parent it’s important to be an active part of your child’s learning experience, and to provide your child with the proper tools for success. Part of this is making sure that your child’s eyes are regularly examined to check for proper vision and eye health.

During the first several years of school approximately 80% of learning happens visually, making correct eyesight and health a very important factor of your child’s learning experience. Children with undiagnosed vision problems are often prone to learning and behavioural disability, as they are unable to see and/or concentrate on school work. Corrective lenses can often prove to make a dramatic difference in a child’s interest, enjoyment, and overall success in school.

It can often times be difficult to know if your child is having vision problems, as they have nothing to compare it too. This is why our doctor preforms multiple tests, including visual acuity, eye muscle balance, colour vision accuracy, and overall health of the eye.

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