Blue Eyes are More Sensitive to Light than Other Eye Colors

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Blog

blue eye are more sensitive to light 3for1 glasses hamilton
Blue eyes and rainbows have something in common. Both are created by light traveling through something. With blue eyes, light travels through the iris of the eye. With rainbows, sunlight travels through raindrops.

Why Are Blue Eyes So Sensitive To Light?

Blue eyes are more sensitive to light due to a lack of pigment in the iris, making them more reactive to sunlight. Dark brown eyes contain a lot of pigmentation and are less sensitive. Indeed, the top layer of blue eyes does not contain any pigment at all. Blue eyes merely look blue because of the way light reacts with the iris structure of the eye.

Everyone needs to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes when they are out and about playing golf, going for a hike or driving. This is especially important for people with lighter eye colors such as blue.

Pigmentation and Processing Light

The iris is the colored part of the eye and the amount of pigmentation or melanin it contains determines how light is processed. Pigmentation creates a protective filter that reflects light out of the eye, so nerve cells at the back of the eye are not over-stimulated.

Over-stimulation of the nerve cells at the back of the eye triggers light sensitivity. This could cause squinting, excessive eye watering, rubbing of eyes due to bright light, difficulty focusing or seeing in sunlight.

Light vs. Dark Eyes

Eye color has an impact on vision, whether you have light or dark eyes. Dark-eyed people could be better night drivers than those with light eyes because the high levels of pigmentation in the iris can withstand high glare lights better. Those with lighter eyes could be more at risk at night due to their light sensitivity.

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