Glasses for the Makeup Wearer

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Big, bold frames are super in-style, but what does this mean for makeup lovers? Do you really need to choose between fabulous makeup and fabulous glasses? Fear not, for the two can go hand-in-hand when done correctly! Here’s a few tips we’ve found online for all our makeup-loving men and women out there!


Remember that a thicker frame can cast shadows on the face. This is easily counteracted with a little concealer to brighten up the area around and under the eyes!

Now that we’ve brought attention back to the eyes, it’s important that they work with your glasses and not against them. Beauty stylists recommend avoiding bright eye-catching shadows but instead using neutral colours around the lids. This will help bring attention through the frames and back to those beautiful peepers of yours without fighting for attention. Combined with a touch of mascara, this look will help to open up your eyes even more.


If you’re an eyeliner wearer, try matching the thickness of your liner to the thickness of your frames! This will create an even line quality throughout the face, making you look your absolute best!

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