How to choose sports goggles for comfort and performance

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You’ve decided to purchase a pair of sports goggles to enhance and to support your sporting performance. With the large range and various types available, where do you start? Do you go with the ‘off-the-rack’ general sports eyewear (which you can find at your local pharmacy)? Or, do you choose individually fitted eyewear for a specific sport? In short, how do you distinguish between a pair of great sports eyewear and a normal pair of glasses?

Here are 3 questions to ask before purchasing your first pair of sports goggles:

1. Which Sports Eyewear Will Best Enhance Your Athletic Performance?

When it comes to the protection levels of sports eyewear, the distinction is normally made between five different protection levels with lens tints.

The categories range from 0 to 4-level. A level 0 is normally ideal for protection against wind and or insects, and it has a bright or very bright factor. On the other hand, a 4-level is suitable for light surroundings in icy conditions, on the water or in the desert, with an extremely dark and or reflective coating.

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2. What Is the Best Material to Choose for Your Sporting Activities?

It is important that you select the right material, which includes the lenses and the frame. You need to ask yourself if the pair of sports goggles are as durable and as lightweight as possible? Do they fit snugly and comfortably? Are they close enough to your eyes without your eyelashes touching the lenses? Not only will this contribute to the comfort of wearing the sports goggles while you are in action, but this may also help to prevent a sporting injury.

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3. Which Type of Tint Do You Choose? And, which Type of Tint Is Best for Which Sport?

When choosing a tint, you need to ensure that it is not too dark. The intensity and the color must suit the type of performance, the expected brightness, and the surrounding conditions.

Tints reduce the intensity of the light which hits the eye. And, it changes the spectral composition due to the color properties. However, choosing a tint is a personal choice. So, selecting the right type of tint will vary from person to person as we all perceive tints very differently.

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