How to properly clean your glasses

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How to properly clean your glasses 3for1 glasses hamilton
When you wear glasses, it’s important to keep them sparkling clean. Learn how to properly clean your glasses with this guide.

Clean your glasses properly

Replacing glasses can be costly and time-consuming. Cleaning your glasses properly can prevent scratches and damage. It is also important to clean your eyeglasses properly to avoid smudges, dust, and bacteria. Here are steps to take to ensure your glasses are properly cleaned:

Wash your hands thoroughly

Dirty hands spread bacteria. Even if your hands are clean, skin oils can also cause smudges. Wash your hands under warm water for at least a minute. Use a lotion-free soap and wipe your hands with a lint-free towel.

Rinse your glasses under lukewarm tap water

Now that your hands are clean, it’s time to give your glasses a rinse. Remember, hot water can damage lenses. Use lukewarm water to rinse your lenses which will help to remove dirt, bacteria, and debris.

Rinse lenses and frames thoroughly

A quick rinse is good but sometimes this does not remove all dirt. Rinse your lenses thoroughly by using a lotion-free dishwashing liquid. Eyeglass cleaners are also useful here. Don’t forget to wash the sides of the lenses and frames.

Carefully dry lenses and frames with a clean, lint-free towel

Now that your glasses are squeaky clean, it’s time to give the lenses and frames a proper wipe. Use a clean towel or lint-free napkin for this. A clean microfiber is also great for removing unsightly streaks.

Inspect the lenses again and wipe clean any remaining smudges

Give your glasses another inspection. If there are remaining smudges or streaks, you likely need to purchase a lint-free cloth or lense cleaner. Consult your local optimist or optical stores for this.

Cleaning glasses: Don’ts

  • Don’t use materials that will scratch your lenses, such as a paper towel or toilet paper. Apart from scratches, it can leave behind traces of paper and lint.
  • Don’t use rubbing alcohol, fabric softeners, or surface cleaners as these may damage your lenses.
  • Don’t wear badly damaged glasses. A scratch or two might compromise your vision especially if you are driving. It’s best to buy new glasses.

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