Need a Re-adjustment?

Need a Re-adjustment?

Can’t remember the last time you had the screws on your glasses tightened? It’s probably time to have that done, but while you’re at it why not get a full tune-up?

Crooked Glasses: Not a cute look!

Having your glasses regularly re-adjusted is very important if you want to get the most out of your frames, especially if you’re not the gentlest with your glasses! A 5-minute tuneup every 6 months can be enough to make your glasses last years longer than they might otherwise. A quick visit before a vacation or weekend trip to the cottage can also ensure your sunglasses are safe and comfortable for maximum relaxation. If you’ve got one (or more!) pending pairs in your 3-for-1 package, it’s also a great chance to see what’s new in store!

For a free adjustment, feel free to drop by our store anytime!

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