Progressive Lenses

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Has your doctor recommended a bifocal lens, but you don’t want a visible line on your lenses? Consider upgrading to a progressive lens!

Unlike a lined-bifocal, progressive lenses work to give you all of your distance visions; distance, intermediate, and near. This is done by surfacing the lenses to give you a gradual change in prescription, with distance at the top gradually becoming your near vision at the bottom.

A diagram of a standard progressive lens

This allows you to easily access all your vision types by simply looking through a different part of your lens. Not only will this save you time from switching back and forth between distance and reading glasses, but will also free up more pairs in your 3-for-1, perhaps allowing room for a new pair of shades (which are also available with progressive lenses).

Not sure if a progressive lens is right for you? Not a problem! First time wearers are offered the option to have their glasses made one at a time, giving you a chance to adjust to the new lens type before jumping right in. If you find the progressive lens isn’t working for you, we’ll redo your lenses in either lined-bifocal or single vision, whatever your preference!

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