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Treat Yourself to A Wide Range of Sports Frames in Hamilton

Whether you play an individual sport or a team sport, any competitive game demands certain minimum vision capabilities. From distance vision and depth perception, to your overall field of vision and hand-eye coordination, the nature of your sport defines the challenges your eyes need to overcome.

Based on your type of sports activity and eye health, you may need lenses that are designed for impact resistance, scratch resistance, UV protection, better peripheral vision, distortion removal, or other such features specific to your sport.

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It does not matter if you play the sport as a hobby or as a profession. When it comes to such activities, your prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot substitute professionally-fitted protective eyewear tailored to your personal vision needs.

At 3 For 1 Glasses in Hamilton, you can select three pairs of glasses for the price of one, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, or other sports specific eyewear.

In addition to running glasses and cycling glasses, we offer:

  • Frames that you can wear under the helmet, especially for high contact sports such as football, basketball or hockey.
  • Frames with removable sideguards that offer clear, comfortable vision when you hit the open road on your motorbike.
  • Personalized swim goggles that can help you kiss goodbye to foggy vision and sore eyes while swimming or diving.
  • Professionally-fitted golf glasses that allow you to enjoy your dream handicap and perfect vision in highly contrasting light conditions.
  • Frames with padding, sweat bars, strong rims and safety rating that let you keep your eye on the target while you play a range of shooting sports.

No matter what indoor or outdoor games you engage in, we have specialized frames and lenses that cater to every category. Find activity-friendly features with the right fit, support, safety and functionality and ensure that your vision remains clear and safe at all times.

Keep Your Eyes on the Game with 3 for 1 Glasses in Hamilton

At 3 For 1 Glasses Hamilton, we customize prescription sports goggles for active players. When it comes to improving your sports vision performance and protecting your eyes, we have you covered:

  • Wide Choice of Frames and Lenses: With over two decades of experience in the eye care and eyewear industry, 3 For 1 Glasses brings you a large selection of frames, including designer frames that suit your lifestyle, needs and budget.
  • One-Hour Order Delivery: Since we cut the lenses in our in-house laboratory, you can collect your new pair of customized prescription glasses within the hour.
  • Personalized Package: Enjoy the flexibility to select up to 3 pairs of glasses, while you pay for just 1 pair of frame and lenses. This includes clear glasses, sunglasses, sports eyewear, reading glasses, computer glasses, and more.
  • Convenient Schedule and Friendly Staff: We are open seven days a week and our friendly stylists look forward to guiding you about frames that suit your sports activities and eye care needs.
  • Comprehensive Eye Exams: With a team of opticians and optometrists available on-site, you can book an eye exam with us at any time and get a complete diagnosis, including your visual acuity and eye health.

To learn more about sports eyewear or to schedule an eye exam, call 3 For 1 Glasses at 905-383-1467, or visit us at 1550 Upper James St. Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6.

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