Summertime Golf Tints

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Warm weather is finally here, and that means golf season! Golf glasses are a must have for any serious golfer, and are available in almost every tint imaginable, but what tints really work? Here’s a short breakdown of our available golf tints and what they can do for you!

Copper, Brown, and Amber lenses are our most popular choice for golfing shades. These lenses work by filtering out blue light to heighten contrast, depth perception, and still maintain good colour recognition. These lenses are excellent for following the ball in the air and on the fairways.

Rose and Red lenses are another option for golfing glasses. These lenses work by highlighting red and yellow hues in the green, letting you read contours easily and heightening contrast. Keep in mind that these lenses will greatly reduce your colour recognition abilities!

Green and Gray lenses are very popular tints across many sports shades. These lenses work by greatly reducing brightness while still maintaining true colour recognition; green lenses will also help to slightly heighten depth perception and contrast.

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And remember, golf tints can sometimes be a matter of personal preference, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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