The Importance of Anti-Glare

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

Any optical store will tell you anti-glare (or anti-reflective) coating is an extremely important coating to get on your glasses, but what exactly does it do?

As its name suggests, anti-glare coatings reduce the glare on your lenses. This is extremely important to have if you are using your glasses for night-time driving, spending long periods of time looking at screens, working under fluorescent lighting, or even spending time near the water.

Anti-glare does much more than cut out glare; if you have an astigmatism, minimizing glare will let more natural light into the eye, letting you see 10-12% clearer on average. Coating your lenses with anti-glare also comes with an anti-scratch coating and a UV400, maximizing both lens and eye protection.

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