The Pros and Cons of Transitions® Lenses

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

Transition lenses are an increasingly popular upgrade to your glasses, and with summer just around the corner an important one at that!

Transitions® lenses are activated by the UV rays found in sunlight; the brighter the sun, the darker your lenses! This offers a unique new take on sunglasses that adjusts to your surroundings, giving you the best vision possible no matter how sunny it is. Transitions® lenses are fast to activate, making them a great companion for in-and-out shopping on a warm summer day. When indoors your lenses will fade to completely clear, with no visible tinting to obstruct your vision.

If you are considering using Transitions® lenses for driving, you may want to take into consideration that they will not change in your car. Most windshields come with a built-in UV coating, preventing your Transitions® from properly activating. In this case it may be more useful to get a pair of full-time driving sunglasses.

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