Why you should never buy cheap sunglasses

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Blog

Why you should never buy cheap sunglasses 3for1 glasses Hamilton
Cheap glasses may be affordable but they come with dangerous consequences. Find out why you should never buy cheap sunglasses and the dangers of wearing cheap sunglasses here.

Buying cheap sunglasses vs expensive sunglasses: What’s the difference?

Cheap sunglasses are made from low-quality materials that don’t provide quality lens protection. The lenses have a low-quality tint and have low UV protection. Most people assume with cheap glasses, their eyes can handle more sunlight, however, due to the low UV light protection, you’re unintentionally damaging your eyes. The UV rays that permeate through these glasses can lead to sunburn of your eye, cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration, among other serious issues.

Cheap glasses also don’t provide sufficient glare protection. Without glare protection, you risk straining your eyes during prolonged computer or phone use. There’s also a risk of accidents during driving or operating machinery.

When you invest in expensive glasses, you will receive different tints. Each tint comes with the strength to protect your eyes from UV rays. The lenses are created with high-quality materials that will help to prevent UV light rays from harming the eyes.

These glasses reduce glare as they are designed to absorb bright sunlight and natural light. They also reduce eye strain and provide comfort as they are designed by experts.

What you should look for in a pair of sunglasses

Here are qualities to look for when purchasing a pair of sunglasses:

  • A guarantee of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Designed by a qualified optician, ophthalmologist, or other professionals in the field
  • A polarized lens for UV protection
  • Glare protection
  • Look for glasses that are scratch-resistant and have impact resistance
  • Purchased from an optical store or professionals

How can you guarantee your glasses provide good optical quality? You can book an eye exam and test with the experts at 3-for-1 Glasses who will provide you with top-quality eyeglasses to protect you from ultraviolet rays and sun damage. Our high-quality sunglasses, contact lenses, sports glasses, and goggles help you to receive the protection you need.

Now that you know why you should never buy cheap sunglasses, contact our experts to get fitted for a good pair of sunglasses!

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